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Today, information is instant.  We stream our favorite TV shows, pause the commercials, record and watch them at our convenience.  We can watch a whole season’s worth of our favorite show in the matter of a single night’s binge.  Who remembers the weekend automotive mechanic shows such as Shadetree Mechanic? There was once a time, for those of us old enough to remember, where a phone call meant standing within cord’s reach of the home phone.  Catching our favorite show meant scheduling our whole day around it.  Working on a car we were unfamiliar with meant a trip to the...

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The pure act of creating something that never existed is a very powerful and inspiring thing. If you think about it, creation is probably the single most powerful thing on this planet. Everything you see, touch, and use was created by someone or something. Be inspired by the act of creation and go create something of your own.

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