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If there's one thing that can be guaranteed about an experienced fabricator, it's that his or her signature becomes apparent throughout their work.   Fabrication is a precise art that involves both motor skill and intelligent design.  Through the development of these skills and pursuit of what an individual's idea of "good looking" is, a style appears. So what happens when a skilled fabricator builds furniture?  We took to Pinterest again specifically looking at tables built by fabricators and the results didn't let us down. This handful of images just barely scratches the surface of what we thought was awesome....

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I know what you're thinking...  Pinterest?! Before you condemn us for browsing Pinterest, understand that there's a SLEW of man cave ideas and imagery located in the web based black hole known as Pinterest.  If you're looking for ideas for your own shop or you just want to stir up a bit of jealousy, you'll accomplish both very well there. Here's 10 of the BEST shops we found digging around.  Prepare to get your feelings hurt..... These are in no particular order and ALL worthy of major props. 1.  Stained Concrete, Hot Rods and Old School Decor Check out those...

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