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Today, information is instant.  We stream our favorite TV shows, pause the commercials, record and watch them at our convenience.  We can watch a whole season’s worth of our favorite show in the matter of a single night’s binge.  Who remembers the weekend automotive mechanic shows such as Shadetree Mechanic? There was once a time, for those of us old enough to remember, where a phone call meant standing within cord’s reach of the home phone.  Catching our favorite show meant scheduling our whole day around it.  Working on a car we were unfamiliar with meant a trip to the...

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Check THIS thing out!  Today, we're talking about Chris Lee's '49 Ford that's powered by a 1JZ engine and Nissan 6spd transmission. Here's a little excerpt from our discussion with Chris about it: "The cab was purchased from a place in Minnesota and shipped. Pretty much everything else was sourced through forums, Craigslist and swap meets. The cab is a 1949 Ford F3. The bed is a late 30’s Chevy. The engine is a Toyota 1JZ connected with a Collins adapter to a Nissan 6 spd. The driveshaft is custom made to my spec at a local driveshaft shop. I...

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We could be a little bias but we think this is going to be an amazing build. This is the very start of what Kyle Voss calls the Bibbster. It is a modern day hot rod build he is doing using a fox body Ford Mustang as the foundation. You can see the build over on The Fab Forums YouTube channel here: > The Fab Forums YouTube

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The Friday videos have been such a favorite of The Fab Forums viewers that we had to make you guys a shirt. It's Friday Fool !

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We are going to be doing our first release of a limited amount of The Fab Forums hats on May the 8th at 8pm EST. Hats will be offered in Flexfit and Snapback options and will be $22 each. We don't expect them to last very long. If you happen to miss it we plan to release more small batches in the future so stay tuned.

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