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Wait wait...  Before you hide the screen from your woman/wife/kids...   Well, unless you're embarrassed about the next five hours you'll spend drooling over some of this insane TIG work like we did. Have a look at a selection of some of our favorite TIG welding images. Man, those colors though... Perfect, tight little dabs. Such clean lines and tight fitment! My OCD LOVES the exact pattern. Killer pie cuts! Stacked dimes for days.  I wish my hands were that steady. Smooth transitions and clean lines. Another very smooth transition. The contrast in color is awesome! Perhaps I should get...

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The pure act of creating something that never existed is a very powerful and inspiring thing. If you think about it, creation is probably the single most powerful thing on this planet. Everything you see, touch, and use was created by someone or something. Be inspired by the act of creation and go create something of your own.

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