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Today's feature is on a driver that's seen more than his fair share of challenges and keeps at it.   Kyle May is 19 years old and currently competes in the full midget class after climbing from karts to three quarter midgets and then finally to his current class.  It's definitely worth mentioning that Kyle is also 6'6" tall...   I hate that I didn't get to witness him in a cart....   That might've been slightly entertaining.... Kyle's raced since the age of 5, progressing quickly.  Here's a bit of his racing history: "I started in Go-Karts racing mainly...

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I'm sure you guys can guess how we feel about YouTube, seeing as everyone involved with KillFab has one... So let's talk a little about someone doing it RIGHT on YouTube. Today's feature is on Adel and his channel "OffBeat Garage".  You'll find a link to the channel at the end of this article. Adel started YouTube about five years ago.  It was the summer after he graduated high school and he was struggling to find information to guide him while building his drift car Nissan 240SX. In the process of learning the ropes of building and fabrication, he documented...

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We're inspired by creation...  We print it on a shirt for crying out loud... So let's start this one out with a little story about the birth of a whole line of products based on a man's pursuit of a solution for a problem. Mike Losh started this journey searching for a way to line the wheel wells of his grandfather's '67 C10 during restoration.  When you slam one of these older C10s, you very quickly realize that the stock liners just aren't going to cut it without serious fabrication and even then, they may not be as clean as you'd...

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Sorry for the kitschy title...  Well, no I'm not sorry.. To the point.  There's a trend of a really cool finish going on throughout YouTube land. It's "Flocking".  For those of you who may not be familiar with it, allow me a moment to explain. Flocking is the process of applying dyed adhesive to a surface, then coating it in "suede like" fibers.  The point of this coating is to reduce glare in the interior of a race car, such as you'll see in World Rally cars and most other serious race cars. With limited visibility available in advertiser laden...

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Today, we are stoked to bring you a Fabricator/Builder feature on Tommy Henninger of Tommy's Chop Shop. First, lets take a moment to talk about Tommy's background and drool over a bit of his work.  I promise that you won't be let down by the insane quality of his welds and show worthy custom work. Tommy cut his fab teeth at the NASCAR Technical Institute after leaving community college.  In his words, "I knew it wasn't for me and wanted a career working with my hands."  After school, he moved back home to Tampa and took a job as a...

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