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We are working hard to add more iconic ride designs to our front grill collection. We feel like the 1950 Cadillac is one for those for sure.

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67-72 c10, c10, c10 shirt, c10 t-shirt, c10 truck, c10 truck shirt, cc10 truck t-shirt, chevy c10, chevy c10 shirt, chevy c10 t-shirt, chevy truck t-shirt -

We just add the 67-72 Chevy C10 Truck Front Grill print to our "Front Grill" collection.

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hat, mr deez, the fab forums, thefabforums -

We are going to be doing our first release of a limited amount of The Fab Forums hats on May the 8th at 8pm EST. Hats will be offered in Flexfit and Snapback options and will be $22 each. We don't expect them to last very long. If you happen to miss it we plan to release more small batches in the future so stay tuned.

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clothing for fabricators, fabrication clothing, inspired by the creation, kill fab clothing company, killfab, killfab clothing, killfab t-shirt, TIG, TIG welder shirt, TIG Welder Tee, TIG welders, TIG welding, welding clothing, welding tee -

The pure act of creating something that never existed is a very powerful and inspiring thing. If you think about it, creation is probably the single most powerful thing on this planet. Everything you see, touch, and use was created by someone or something. Be inspired by the act of creation and go create something of your own.

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