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TIG, TIG welder shirt, TIG Welder Tee, TIG welders, TIG welding, tungsten, Tungsten Killer, tungsten slayer -

Apparel for all the Tungsten slayers out there. Most will have no idea what the hell it means but that's whats cool!

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1950 chevy truck, 1950 chevy truck shirt, 1950 chevy truck tee -

There is nothing more iconic than the grill shot of a 1950 Chevy Truck or 1950 Cadillac. So we created a complete collection dedicated to the baddest grills ever produced. We plan to release new prints every month, so if you don't see what you like drop us a comment and check back often.

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Welcome to Kill Fab Clothing Company. We are excited about offering the world some new clothing creations soon. The site is brand spanking new and although we have loaded some of our simple logo designs we are far from done. Be sure to check back as we release new stuff.

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